House Silvermane

Name: House Silvermane
Type: Household
Url: Website
Description: House Silvermane\r\nFind us on Facebook in Iron Sky - Ketchikan Amtgard, also find Silvermane Guildworks, formerly of Silvermoon in Blackspire, but that place has been infected with a weird, colorful layer of salt that seems to make the people go absolutely insane, so I wouldn\'t advise moving there...\r\n\r\nIt is an achievement hunting house, based in principles of logic, fair and fun play, protecting Amtgard and what is ours, crafting and embracing, empowering, and encouraging new players.\r\n\r\nIt was created to be a household in support of arms, armor, and training of Amtgard wherever it\'s banners go. \r\nIt\'s members are expected to show honor, commitment, and magnamity on and off the battlefield.\r\nIt\'s recruits become shield brothers and sisters for the glory, the love, and the joy of Amtgard. \r\nIt highly encourages joining companies and other households, pushes excellence, and has fun.\r\n\r\n\"I wanna say \'We Rise\', too!\"\r\n -Kalahan Ridgeborn, the Bear, Shield Dipper, Title Pender, \r\n\r\nI am, as we are, House Silvermane.\r\nWe Rise
History: House Silvermane was created by Lord Gannon Silvermane.\r\n\r\nGannon and his sister LeahPie came to and founded the Freehold of Iron Sky, beginning on Father\'s Day, 2022. Gannon reformed House Silvermane in the Old Norse theme, and continues in the old ways of Amtgard. Swearing and Oath of Loyalty to the Dream of Amtgard, to protect the weak, destroy the evil, and uplift the good. We guide the new into the Dream, and advise the old in running it. We give freely of ourselves at least one gift to those not of House Silvermane. And we generally kick arse and take names to the Monarchy to bug them into giving awards to those who deserve them. \r\n\r\nOriginally from Iron Keep in the days of The Kingdom of the Valley of Silver Rains, the House Lord used secret alchemical formulas to infuse arms and armor with Iron Keep techniques, crafting and creating wonders for the defense of Blackspire\'s populace. We are a crafty House.\r\n\r\nThen in the Capitol of Blackspire, Silvermoon, the House was first seen fighting in the Pacific War of 2017, when Davey Jones invaded just as Northern Lights and Blackspire were about to take the in their ongoing Wars. Not only was the Kraken held off with Silvermane arrows and Black Company swords, the fighters of the Kingdom of Northern Lights succumbed and gave the battle to Blackspire, and the few Brothers of Silvermane came home whole and with new friends and stories. We are a friendly Home.\r\n\r\nBut the celebrations were cut short in the Duchy of Silvermoon - Iron Keep called for Aid from retaliation by the hard-to-kill Davey Jones, and again the call was answered, with Black Company taking to the defense of the old Keep, with us Silvermanes there to assist in mopping up undead pirate bands that fled into the countryside. We are a protective House.\r\n\r\nAgain thwarted, Jones went and kicked Jormungdr awake, triggering Ragnarok. The whole world felt it, and Thor himself came to find Mjolnr, to fight the great big snake, and many holdings rallied to fight back against the hordes of fell creatures and even the great wolf Fenris, and with farmers and gods we defended Yggdrisl the World Tree. But even with the heroic help of heroes, the tree burned, gods died, and the ground shook and the surviving warriors and their people fled the desolation. Lord Silvermane and Master Ryle collected scales of the snake, fur of the wolf, and scars of the battle. And survived. Barely. We are a tenacious pack. And since then we have used those materials to create our armory, for we are also a resourceful band.\r\n\r\nNow, in Iron Sky, We Rise, ever more. We have began and shaped the Iron Sky to be among the best Amtgard has ever seen, rallying friends and family alike from Clan Kilgore and Haus Ricter to stand up a Freehold, cla, endure Unyielding Storms and Blackhammer Company, and bring forth a fiery passion worthy of the White Light and the Grace of the Pheonix of Amtgard. In House Silvermane, as in Iron Sky, Together, We Rise!


Member Role Title
Alexander Kilgore Member Shield-Brother
Azure Alexandrite Member Shield-Sister
DeCota Silvermane Member Shield-Sister
Defender Sir Pyro Flamespitter Member Shield-Brother
Gannon Silvermane Lord Lord Silvermane, founder
Kalahan Ridgeborn Member Bear of Silvermane
Kestrel Silvermane Member Shield-Brother
Kyrin Silvermane Member Shield-Brother
LeahPie Silvermane Lady Nature
Oz Bright Soul the Dirty Trickster, leader of the Shadow Wizard Money Gang Member Shield-Brother
Ryle Selvan Member Storm Rider Nomad
Skuggar Silvermane Member Son of Gannon
Vex Hellton Silvermane Member Gannon's Man-at-Arms