Hell\'s Gate

Name: Hell\'s Gate
Type: Household
Url: Website
Description: We are the house of Hell\'s Gate. Beasts, monsters and creatures in service to the Overlord, we are always happy to find you information, deliver a body or create havoc.. For a price. We pride ourselves in making it happen swiftly and discreetly with the utmost delight. The members of this household are strong and steadfast, brave and.. generally honorable. \n\nWe are the friends and comrades to the Mutt known as Maya D\'Mortis, we are her guardians, protectors and \ninstruments. Be welcome and call yourself friend.\n\nTonight, We Feast!


Member Role Title
Alira Moonstone Member
Baronetess Eve Bloodstone Member
Baronetess Miki Liseya, Maiden of the Pen Member
Callisto Nightingale Member
Havoc Member
Lady Nalina Firewalker Member
Lord Pescadillo Edgar Witherbloom Member
Maestro Bastet Re Member
Master Virexx Esq. Member
Maurus Haldron Member
Mutt Lord Head of house
Valmar Necroa Member Warden
Viktor Vlad Spiritpaw Member