The Seekers of Corvus

Name: The Seekers of Corvus
Type: Household
Url: Website
Description: The Seekers of Corvus give their knowledge and wisdom in service of Corvus. A ancient raven who knows all things. He has any answer to any question, knows all spells, even the ones long since forgoten. And He even knows the secret to eternal life. All of Corvus' knowledge is contained within our most precious artifact. The Book of Secrets. And the Seekers of Corvus were formed to spread his knowledge to those wishing to learn, and to gather even more knowledge through battle and exploration to add to The Book of Secrets. All who wish to learn and serve Corvus is welcome. Knowledge does not discriminate.
History: After suddenly deciding to Role Play a insane cultist at Dungeon Crawl 2018 and enjoying playing a raving mad man so much, Malic created the Seekers of Corvus within a week after DC. So he could have a reason to Role Play a insane cultist again. In addition, he had wanted to lead a Household. So The Seekers of Corvus was created. For the purposes of Role Play and promoting it.


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