The Power Company

Name: The Power Company
Type: Company
Url: Website
Description: The Power Company is a young and honorable fighting company whose mission is the defense of our home barony of Greenwood Keep and the training of its newest inhabitants.
History: • 2016 Fall: Founded by Scarecrow, Kieran, and Krawo in the aftermath of Shrouding Mist's raid on Greenwood Keep. • 2016 Fall: Fought valiantly in the subsequent battle at SM in which GWK regained it's land title. • 2017 Winter: Company officers Scarecrow and Naraxi elected Regent and GMR of GWK. • 2017 Spring: Company acquired the NL kingdom relic Sword of Storms, to be borne by the company champion. It's lightning-ball and electric sword fits our symbology perfectly. • Rosewood 2017: Was instrumental in winning the 4-way cross-gaming melee. Power Company had best kill-to-death ratio of any company or unit at the cross-gaming castle siege. • Fall 2017: Scarecrow's term as Captain ends, is succeed by then- company-champion Turtle.


Member Role Title
Hermes Member Hastati
Impecovan Lord Principes
Jack Taxt Member Hastati
Kieran the Lucky Lord Triarii; Company Ambassador
Krawo Lord Hastati
Meldamiriel Member Hastati
Naraxi Lovely Member Principes
Panda Member Hastati
Paramour Lord Lady of the House pro-tem
Rifter Member Hastati
Scarecrow Lord Triarii; Retired Captain
Son Of Simon Member Hastati
Tortoise Captain Guildmaster pro-tem