Lotus Flame

Name: Lotus Flame
Type: Household
Url: Website
Description: Lotus Flame was created by Rin and Moreso to be a household of supporting and encouraging players. Our goal is to be kind in all that we do, whether it be by acknowledging a good hit (even if it was a kill shot on you) or just cheering on your friends.\nAnd our friends include everyone in any park that we either inhabit or visit. :)
History: Founded in the summer of 2016, Rin and Moreso became friends through their local park event. Through some awesome bonding (and maybe a little drunkenness on Moreso\'s part), they decided to create this household to better their own park and any park they visit.


Member Role Title
Ajea Lumina Member
Amare Vos Member
Bahyurur Member
Baronetess Adelae Verdenwylde Member
Chakra Member
Dracomus Member
Fawn Blossom Member Momma Fawnie
Homura Member
Kit Member
Moreso Zanyu Lord Momma Moreso
Pineappocalypso Rawrchamp Member
Razziel Galesong Member
Rin Ozara Lord Momma Rinnie
Thorgar Bluefist Member