The Magi Nation

Name: The Magi Nation
Type: Household
Url: Website
Description: Service house hold that promotes role playing, team battle gaming, teaching of crafts, the main reason of amting just having fun. We have a fun rp culture where the group role plays as a Magi ( a race of shape shifting ancient elves, half elves, humans that are touched by the celestial plane that act as holy slayers for a god known only as the voice.)
History: Magi are religious assassins in amtgard societies. Filled with utter devotion to balance in life they seek out and slay those who oppose the voice or mislead the faithful. Living under covers as ordinary members of the faithful, Magi are ever-ready to come and strike at the call of their household. Magi see themselves as the epitome of righteousness. The devotion and loyalty demanded of the Magi is legendary. A magi that betrays his house and the voice will be sought out and killed by his fellows Magi are a nation of cells are organized in households Each household has its own internal ranks, and is almost always ruled by a solitary figure, the grandfather or grandmother of the brotherhood. Each household serves as embodiments of the voice. Magi also has a favored weapon, used by preference in all holy slayings. Known as Witchblades they are bound souly to the magi that owns them by the runes on the hilt, the special glove or bracelet that matches it. The magi always wear some sort of mask, they never show anyone all of their true face if even at all. The magi consider this the will of the voice. To a magi, sin and corruption, & zelotry upsetting the balance is like a cancer in the body of society, to be cut out by the surgeons knife of the brotherhood. And if an slaying can be used to show the populace the error of a corrupt way of life, so much the better.


Member Role Title
Angus MacGillivray Member Son of Castiel
Snotbag Member Son of Dvir
Tombstone Member Son of Castiel