The Church of Steeeeeve

Name: The Church of Steeeeeve
Type: Household
Url: Website
Description: We are the Church of Steeeeeve. We identify as Minndor-kin, and we have accepted him into our hearts. Our benevolent leader shan't heal thy wounds, or bring thee back to life, but he shall murder thine enemies and smite them to the ground. So sayeth Steeeeeve,Aah f**k


Member Role Title
Brother Dougherty Member
Cena Midoriya Captain Keeper of the Top Shelf
Crisp Member
Daenarya Member
Docheim T. Lightbringer Member
Kidta Torak Member
Kumo Member
Lady Delphina Darkstorm Member Recruit-o-Matic
Lord Skaren Blodhrafn Member
Luna S.W.B.M. Eclipse Member
Lyrah Liiraea Lionheart Member Scold-er of Cena
Minndor Burningbeard Lord "D" The Messiah
Nike Member
Odvarr Ironwolf Member Deity
Pocket Elf Member Goddess
Shale NFTY Captain High Priest
Shephard Member
Sir Zike McNasty, The Wanker Banker Member Maiden
Steeeeeve Lord Chief Deity
Valduthain Thunderfury Member
Valyntyne Member Friar
Wynter Morningstar, Baal of Snow Member Brother Round-One