The Lantern Corps

Name: The Lantern Corps
Type: Household
Url: Website
Description: The Lantern Corp is a household residing Primarily in the kingdom of Crystal Groves. We have rings based on the Lantern Corps of the DC universe and powers based on those rings. This is mostly for roleplay purposes.
History: #RedDidIt


Member Role Title
Bagel Lord Grey Lantern Leader
Bowlgod Lesonette Member Yellow Lantern
Brezza D\'aries Lord Violet Ring Leader
Dame Ari Thundertounge Member Violet Lantern
Fen'Harel Member Green Lantern
Frass Stonecrusher Lord Orange Ring Leader
Kailoreth Member Green Lantern
Kuddles Lord Black Ring Leader
Kvothe Namer Evarayne Lord Phantom Ring
Lord Rellik Esquire Lord Yellow Ring Leader
Naimad Member Orange Lantern
Raven Stormclaw Member Yellow Lantern
Red Lesonette Lord Red Ring Leader
Rose Bloodsong Member Violet Lantern
Senpai Rel Shan Member Green Lantern
Serova Ackerion Lord Indigo Ring Leader
Sir Hitorimono, the Scapegoat Member Yellow Lantern
Sir Shiva Member White Lantern
Squire Viva Mercades Member Red Lantern
Taran Lesonette Lord Green Ring Leader
Twisted Member Green Lantern
Vicious Raven Heart Member Blue Lantern