Black Twilight

Name: Black Twilight
Type: Company
Url: Website
Description: The Black Twilight is a Japanese syndicate whose origin is in the Knoblands. All of our agents are obligated to hold themselves at the highest of standards. However, we are not trying to be awarded any Griffons. We will take any job as long as the parameters of our contract are not violated. We are ruthless in the way we do business; to prevent any misunderstanding or betrayals of our family.
History: The Black Twilight was founded by Iori the Jackal, Shamrock Hidetsuna, and Aenimus Cross. The Captain or 'Kumicho' which means 'boss' of the Fighting Company is Aenimus Cross. The 'Gokusen' or 'Underboss' is Shamrock Hidetsuna. We were formed in November of 2006.


Member Role Title
Aenimus Cross Member Kumicho
Kuma Member Angel
Lord Monogatarai Renga Tyroas Member Agent
Maxem Blacklion Baronette Member Gunshi
Reverand Member Seraph
Saiganilia Abernakie Member Agent
Shamrock Hidetsuna Member Gokusen