Clan Tua'sal

Name: Clan Tua'sal
Type: Household
Url: Website
Description: Clan Tua'sal - a "New, United Home". A place for the Dalish who stumble into Amtgardia and wish for a safe haven. We keep our lore sacred and take in any and all who wish to live as we do and study our history - as true Elvhan. As Dalish we are nomadic and rarely settle down, this allows for clan mates to spread out far and wide throughout the Kingdoms so long as they keep in touch. Gatherings called Arlathvhen traditionally only happens every 10 years and last for 2 days, but since this isn't Thedas every Arlathven will take place during a Kingdom Feast.
History: "We are the Dalish: keepers of the lost lore, walkers of the lonely path. We are the last of the Elvhenan, and never again shall we submit." This is the oath the Dalish elves hold close to their hearts. In ancient times the elves ruled over Thedas alone, ageless and beautiful, until the humans came. Enslaved for a thousand years, the elves lost not only their immortality but their very identity. The Dalish are those elves who proudly refuse to live in human cities, proudly wandering the most remote corners of the wild lands in small clans that rarely meet. Their wagons are welcome nowhere, and more than one tale is told of the Dalish clashing with remote villagers who attempt to drive them away by force. Much has been lost, but the Dalish will find what has been lost and keep it safe. They will re-learn the elven tongue, rediscover the ancient crafts and practice the old magics. They will spurn the human god and instead cleave to the ancient pantheon of the elves, praying that one day their own gods will return and lead their people to a new homeland. There the Dalish will await the return of those elves who have forgotten what they were, they will teach them to remember. --BioWare, Dragon Age: Origins


Member Role Title
Charity Bedella Member
Fen'Harel Member Tael
Ninel Member Amelan
Oasis Lord Sael
Serova Member
Vignette Delcour Member