House of Ironstar

Name: House of Ironstar
Type: Household
Url: Website
Description: After the Death of the Matriarch, Thalon Ironstar has taken over and opened his doors to those non elvish decent. If he offers you a place he either considers you a good assassin or a close friend. There are many paths you can choose. Will take this one? The Master of House Ironstar calls.
History: The History of House Ironstar is one of the Assassin. The Maximum the Humans used "Nothing is true yet everything is Permitted" was taken to be true by the elves who founded this house. for thousands of years the Eldars denied the existence of this house. yet not even the Present head will explain his house's reputation. The new history will be honor and blood.


Member Role Title
Arthur C. Doormon Member
Shepherd Stonespeaker Captain Left Hand
Thalon Ironstar Lord Master