Name: Coven
Type: Household
Url: Website
Description: Coven is a household designed to bring comradery, roleplay and general shenanigans back to the CK. Members play good or bad witches, some of whom work with necromancers and all of whom give out potions which may either help or harm those drinking them.
History: Coven was founded in August 2016 by Eva Destruction and has grown to 6 members as of September 22, 2016.


Member Role Title
Catrysa Trakand Member
Crowley Member
Eva Destruction Founder
Grimalkin Member
Isadore Member
Ke-She Member
Lady Ismay Demuse Member
Lady Lukretia Member
Lady Ritter Renjara Darkblade Member
Lady Squire Danica Fiammata D\'ombra Member
Lex Member
Luther Vailheart Member
Sovereign T Member
Thorn Member
Unattainabelle Member