Name: Stormcrows
Type: Household
Url: Website
Description: \"Harness the Storm\"\r\nThis household is a group dedicated to advancing both the Arts & Sciences and Service to the Kingdom and to our Park. We intend to support members in their own endeavors and work collectively to raise the quality of work for ourselves and more generally in Amtgard.\r\n\r\nHouse Colours: \r\nSliver, Navy, and Black
History: The original five: Kuma \"Beta\" Stormcrow, Rowan \"Whisper\" Stormcrow, Elvath Xiloscent, Keevil Xiloscent, and Herumori Stormcrow came together to form the household during and immediately following Keep on the Borderlands 2016.


Member Role Title
Archfey Keevil \'Inksidhe\' Elsdragon Member Founder
Elder Kuma \'Beta\' Stormcrow Member Founder
Herumori Stormcrow Member Founder
Riven Elsdragon Member Founder
Rowan Stormcrow Member Founder
Sylkerei Silverdoe Member