Bardic Blues

Name: Bardic Blues
Type: Company
Url: Website
Description: Bardic Blues is a house dedicated to furthering bardic performances in the Rising Winds and Amtgard events in general. We exist to promote collaboration between bards and to make it easier to learn from one another. While mostly musicians, Bardic Blues encourages all kinds of performing arts. Dancers, storytellers, actors, singers, instrumentalists, all are welcome in Bardic Blues.
History: Formed by Augustus and Smee at Discord 07, we've been slowly growing and adding (and sometimes shanghai-ing) those with a love for bardic performances.


Member Role Title
Countess Silverleaf Nar'Thoniel Member member
Donnovan Felix Sunrider Member member
Heartwynd of Doomwind Member member
Ivey Rose MacLeod Member member
Julian Greystoke Member member
Kathrynn Devinue Member member
Leela Member member
Liam Mc'Oi Member member
Maera Halvorsdottir Member member
Ser Agustus Member House Lord
Sheeden Squire Maggie Halvorsdottir of the Valkyries Member member
Smee Smythe Member House Lord