House Lyonall

Name: House Lyonall
Type: Household
Url: Website
Description: House Lyonall was a house formed by Jericho Lyonall upon the receipt of his Lord title. His family has since grown. Family Tree: Jericho Lyonall: Founding member. Shaggy Lyonall: Cousin to Jericho Lyonall, currently training under Master Token.
History: Early history (Pre September 2012) is somewhat lost due to not keeping good records. May 2011: House Roxard was formed when Jericho Lyonall, then Roxard, received the title of Lord from Sheriff Pinkie at VTR. Malkav, Jericho Lyonall's previous Liege, became an advisor to House Lyonall, then House Roxard. Both Torrin and Orrick were both given Man-at-Arms belts immediately afterward. Lord Roxard changed his name to Lord Jericho Lyonall, changing the name of the House to House Lyonall.


Member Role Title
Jericho Lyonall Lord Founder
Malkav Member Advisor
Shaggy Lyonall Member Family