Name: Annunaki
Type: Company
Url: Website
Description: Our mission is to find “like minded” individuals that show the passion and drive to be a contributing member of our Fighting Company and Amtgard as a whole. We strive to maintain a positive, disciplined, and unified attitude in all areas we participate as a group. We strive to keep our brothers, parks, and kingdom, in good standing through our deeds and words.
History: Created at the Spring Mid-Reign in 2016 for the Kingdom of Neverwinter. Founded by Newlok, Gr'Rakt, Myth, Emerys, SnakPak, Super Duck and Tennalwynn. Based out of the Kingdom of Neverwinter.


Member Role Title
Castle Alair Big Father Dayore Member
Geitz Fausnight Captain Manager
Hollywood Member
Lord Qrow Staypuft Tree Member
Newlok Tree Member Deceased
Regan emerald temperance songmender azkedelia saphira michael abbadon el treeablo engrexel lechgual Member
SnakPak Captain Founder
Sq Droth Esq Member
Tennalwynn ShoJah Esquire Member Deceased