Ironstar Adventuring Company

Name: Ironstar Adventuring Company
Type: Company
Url: Website
Description: Ironstar was founded to provide our local park with other Fighting company options. We strive to support each other and be good friends and family to each other.\r\nWe might not be the best fighters or crafters or whatever your individual strengths are but we try to hold ourselves to high standard.\r\nFor Rp purposes we are a stereo typical adventurer company, we are also Mercs and Bodyguards for hire. We are Skirmish fighters and we are good at it.
History: Formed June 2016\r\n\r\nFounding members:\r\nDuff McKillin,\r\nHersch,\r\nEbanok,\r\nKal Thrax,\r\nAlexia,\r\nLocke Tyren\r\n\r\nNotable Events:\r\n19 Oct 2019 - Banner Wars 3rd Place Team


Member Role Title
Ancient (sir) Nimriel Nimgwue Saeavain Captain EH Captain
Anne Thrax Member Founder
Aru Member Star
Bloodmoon of Artenia Member Star
Chimera Member Blade
Chookie Member Blade
Duff Asgeir McKillin Member Founder
Ebanok Member Founder
Epimex Wolfram Member Star (NL)
Eric Member Blade (NL)
Exterrbia Echoprax Member Star
Hersch Member Founder
KeLeo Wolfram, the Berserker Captain NL Captain
Leo Member Blade
Locke Tyren Member Founder
Lord Kainus Von Killraven Member Star
Luna Wolfram Member Blade (NL)
Marshal, Zuriel Member Star (NL)
Meleeic Member Blade
Not Murphy Member Star
Orcfather Yawp Khan the Banished Member Blade
Petrus Member Blade
Qintahr Woodhelven Member Star
Ronoh Leos Member Star (NL)
Roz Member Star (NL)
Selis Member Kingdom Lt (NL)
Sir KaL ThraX Captain Founder High Captain
Siren Divina Mort Member Star (NL)
Smurfet Wolfram Member Blade (NL)
Testiclese the Mouth Member Star
Wulfric Lightning Fullmast Member Blade
Xander Creed Member Star
Xenos Idanikos Member Star (NL)