Soul Reapers

Name: Soul Reapers
Type: Company
Url: Website
Description: We are the hand of Death himself.\r\n​\r\n Called upon by Death himself, we reap the souls of the those who have taken a life not their\'s to take. Bound, not by blood, but by honor, loyalty, and faith in the cause.Hailing from the Realm of Valhalla and Balancing the scales of life and death, it is up to us, the hands of the Reaper.\r\n\r\n -Blessed Be the Willow Tree
History: Created in Mystik Caverns in 2015. Goradorth brought together these agents of darkness to challenge and prosper under the hand of death by becoming a mercenary company. Reaping for glory.\r\n\r\nWebsite:\r\n


Member Role Title
azoona Member Will o' wisp
Deeko Sramazan Member Will o' wisp
Ember Member Will o' wisp
Goradorth Captain Reaper
Kyrin Member Will o' wisp
Lord Ragnar Northman Member Sergeant
Titan Member Will o' wisp
valden Member Will o' wisp