Order of the Greenwood

Name: Order of the Greenwood
Type: Household
Url: Website
Description: The Order of the Greenwood's Household protect and serve their home forest, their park, and their castle. They support fair play and enjoyment for all, enjoy a good barbecue, and are always down for a good time.
History: Many years ago, a small band of elves became disillusioned with the politicking and rivalries, hostility and rhino-hiding on their fields of battle. They dropped all allegiances except to one another, stepped into the green wood, and vanished. Now that band has returned. With the support of the good people they've found along the way, they hope to bring the comradery and fun of their home realm back to the fields they once knew.


Member Role Title
Azure Kaine Member Leaf
Dante DeSanto Member Leaf
Darak Greenleaf Lord Founder
Free Man Member Leaf
Gale Ua Duibhne Member Leaf
Gob The Goblin Member Leaf
Hiccup Member Leaf
Ivory Prowler Member Leaf
Jennicat Greenleaf Lord Founder
Kaisen Member Leaf
Lefon Crow Member Leaf
Mayhem Greenleaf Lord Founder
Sir Malmoria Winters Member Leaf
Sprite Member Leaf
Squire Langston Blue Shadow Member Leaf
Uni Greenleaf Member Leaf