Deadpool Corps

Name: Deadpool Corps
Type: Household
Url: Website
Description: ByLaws of Deadpool Corps. These can be changed. 1. We are Family. 2.Our role in The Game of Amtgard is to make it better. 3.You support your family. They volunteer for something and you can help them if they want or need help. 4.You encourage your Family. Don't treat them like shit because they have the drive to make Amtgard better. 5. MAKE AMTGARD BETTER. 6.We do not have anything to prove.... we are already awesome. 7.Have fun in the Game and Make it fun for other people. 8.Don't be a dick unless you have to be... If you do not know when you have to be ask me I will encourage you if you need to be encouraged. 9.Do not limit yourself to only one aspect of the Game. Try your best at everything. We are not just a service house... we are a leadership, Arts and also Hopefully (We are deadpool corps and he is a bad ass) fighting. 10.MAKE AMTGARD BETTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
History: Formerly House Ravenos of Polaris and now in Kingdoms across Amtgard. Before the rebuild we had earned two Flames for RUnning a event in Polaris and Service. After the Rebuild we are about that and much more.


Member Role Title
Overlord Ravenos Kinslayer Lord Founder