Northreach Responders

Name: Northreach Responders
Type: Household
Url: Website
Description: Medical tent staffing: The intent is to have a first aid/medical tent set up at events for everything from a small cut, to heat stroke, broken limbs etc. Maturity: It might be too late, but I would like to limit the tent staffers to 18+. The reason is maturity. If you are willing to aid others, you may have to deal with blood, bodily fluids, nudity, etc. As well as the simple pressure of saving a life (hope we don't have to actually save a life, but the potential is there) Scene awareness: I have various medical training, but I recognize that I am NOT a doctor, nor am I a medical professional. That being said, being the first on the scene, it is my responsibility to deal with it to the best of my ability and comfort level. Should another, more experienced person arrive, it is my responsibility to step aside and let them work. If a situation is being taken care of, it becomes my job to keep all the gawkers back and clear an area for those on the scene to work. This also applies to clean up of the area after the injured person has been safely moved. (Again, bodily fluids). In closing I would like to state that being a First Responder is not just a place of belonging, but as people of maturity willing to assume the responsibility of caring for the health and safety of our fellow players. If this is something you feel and are willing to do, by all means post your name, park and certs and we will vette your info and give you a snazzy belt favor to wear indicative of your commitment to your fellow Amtgarders.


Member Role Title
Dieter Bron Captain
Viscountess Dame Hadelind die Reiterin Lord Founder