Name: Balliamo
Type: Household
Url: Website
Description: House Balliamo's mostly official mission is "to celebrate different cultures through dance and music within Amtgard by teaching and performing, and to inspire a greater awareness of those cultures that inspire us." In other words, we dance. We currently have a Middle Eastern (belly) dance section (Ra'Naa), a Native American dance section (Raindancers), and a just starting Morris dance section. We explore culture through dance, history, and costume, and are always open to including more cultures and styles of dance.
History: We were formed many years ago in the shire of Haranshire under the kingdom of Goldevale. There are three founding members, Bronwyn, Dame Fionna, and Dame Isabel. We have now expanded to the Kingdom of the Rising Winds and have a strong section of dancers there...


Member Role Title
Artemis Member
Captain John Darkcloud the Righteous Member
Countess Dame Galtana Greybeard Member
Dame Fionna Member Ra'Naa Circle Leader
Dame Io Member
Isabel Member
Kalima Member
Kathrynn Devinue Member
Lady Squire Anica Nightshade Member Ra'Naa Circle Leader
Maera Halvorsdottir Member
Molly Mallone Member
Padraic O'Loan Member
Sabine Stabswul Member
Sandy the Awesome Member
Whimsey Member Ra'Naa Circle Leader