Name: Legion
Type: Company
Url: Website
Description: A fighting/ mercenary company based in the kingdom of NW. Anybody may join with answers to simple questions before joining and by decision of the captains immediately. \r\n\r\nColors: black and blue with red trim.\r\n\r\nMotto: helping others shoot for the stars!\r\n\r\nPurpose: The purpose of joining the company is to learn and improve new and existing players enough to be recognized and join other fighting companies or create their own.Those who wish to stay with the company may to learn more or to teach.


Member Role Title
Asher Member
Brutus D\'Monet Captain Sergeant
Daikusaki Member
Duskan Gaust Member Sergeant
Fodder Member
Kasrats Member
Lord Gundro Rasksvard Member
Morren Member
Rave Member
Ruxeth Etc. Gaust Member
Shin Maxwell Member
Starlight Ala Via Member
Vexarion Manacress Member
Zilla McTavish Member