House Ormwyrd

Name: House Ormwyrd
Type: Household
Url: Website
Description: The Ormwyrd Household is interested in the Arts and Sciences above and beyond all else. If we serve a feast, it is because we're attempting to create art. If we wash dishes, it is because we clean up after ourselves. If we assist in an event, it is because we see value in the area in which we volunteer and want to make it the best it can be. Together, we find projects that drive us, artifacts that we must create, poems and stories that need to be written, and images that should be painted. Our household is an artists' collective where all members participate and collaborate for the edification of all. Finally, House Ormwyrd is about Roleplaying and keeping the game of Amtgard fun and interesting! There are rules and then there are disciplines. Art takes discipline and work. The following could be called rules, but many are in place for your benefit, to keep you moving in the direction of creating and not stagnating. If you are in House Ormwyrd, you are expected to do the following: • Produce work. Work on something at least once a week. • Give and accept critiques. Both are important! • Enter at least one A&S competition per year. • Share what you are currently working on with others. • Share your experiences and knowledge with others. • Display the Ormwyrd dragon on a belt favor. Anyone in House Ormwyrd is free to use the name Ormwyrd as part of their name. We are a family.


Member Role Title
Ezuron Al-Shadi Member Man-at-Arms
Fithindel Ormwyrd Member Heir
Hacksaw S Member
Lord Yngiwulf Ormwyrd Lord Founder
Thyri Ravenchilde Member