House of the Last Laugh

Name: House of the Last Laugh
Type: Household
Url: Website
Description: A Household for cutthroats and scoundrels, people go to when they need a job or mission done but don\'t wish to get their hands dirty. There is honor amongst these thieves. Don\'t betray them or their House for woe to any who do as there is no where far enough to run to that will protect you from their blades. Live in the light because the shadows and darkness is their domain.
History: The Household was founded after a Rogue Assassin splintered from the main Guild due to a dispute between the Elder Council and him. The assassin splintered when during a contracted mission the Council ordered him to break his contract and kill his contractor. The assassin Code Named; The Gentleman Assassin does not break a deal. Upon going rogue he determined he would create his own household for business that wouldn’t be corrupted by internal-politics. One where the scoundrels could gather that honor their bargains and have a trust in their fellow members. Gathering with likeminded scoundrels the household became connected to the underworld through many Lands and Kingdoms and grew to the point it was once more ready to handle high profile contracts.


Member Role Title
Ashawn Broadleaf Member Master of Massacre
Maddox Silverhawk Member Master
Mako Captain Grand Master of NW
Sq. Baronet Lady Alexandrianna Oakenfall Member Master of Cloth
Veleros Captain GrandMaster of PoP, Master of Games