Midnight Cloud

Name: Midnight Cloud
Type: Company
Url: Website
History: Disbanded June 2015\r\n\r\nAs babies, Storm and Kaikane were left on the doorstep of a monastery, days after being born. The elder monk Kawa, who was a water elemental, took the boys in and raised them as his own. As they grew,they were taught how to defend themselves as fighting monks. Most fighting monks use non-lethal methods of fighting, however Storm and Kaikane favored sword wielding over anything else. And so Kawa gifted them with the twin swords Amagumo and Shio. With this blades the boys, now young men and fully initiated monks,defended the monastery. Occasionally they would fight in battles as mercenaries to raise money for the monastery. Soon after their last battle however, the youngest one Kaikane had finally turned eighteen, and now both were able to leave the confines of the monastery and venture the world as they wished. Shortly after leaving the monastery, they stumbled on a little shire called Ominous Valley, and in this shire they stumbled on (literately) on a small elven girl named Galadrel. She told them the story of her village and how it was attacked and taken over by orcs. the two young monks decided to help their new found friend, and together they traveled to her village of Lylelemiun. As they entered the borders of Lylelemiun, they saw the carnage of elven bodies and shack-like orc walls and fortresses that took over the small village.But this did not stop the three warriors. Bursting through the southern orc wall, the Twin Swords slew every moving orc they could find, as the young elven healer healed them as they fought. After clearing the outside of the village, they entered each fortress, one by one, clearing out any orc filth they could find. Their teamwork was amazing! Each of them knew where to be and when. Storm on the left, Kaikane on the right, Galadriel at the rear, healing and watching their backs, even covering each other as they healed, all without saying a word to each other. After all the orcs were killed and the area searched for stragglers, the three warriors decided that a company needed to be formed as their teamwork with each other was so impressive! And so, the company of Midnight Cloud was born!!


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