Name: Raven
Type: Household
Url: Website
Description: All are welcome to our house. We are centered on A&S and look to better our members as a whole. We work with new players to teach them all that Amtgard has to offer. We routinely invite experienced members to household events to learn something new.
History: House Raven is an offshoot from the Atalantian household Golden Raven which was started in Storvik by Lady Brenna and Sir Gauss Magnuson. Our founder is the son of Sir Gauss and wishes to honor his father by bringing his love for the arts and sciences to Amtgard. We started in Nod Rama in the Kingdom of Neverwinter, and quickly grew to add Twilight Moon.


Member Role Title
Ankle Biter Member
Arend von Brandt Member
Asher Member
Brutus D\'Monet Member
Caelius Member
Caron (Real) Member
Chewy Al Saher Member Double Raven
Countess Katnip Nevermore Lord House Lady
Creslin Member
Daikusaki Member
Darkcast Mephisto Shadowwind Member
Geitz Fausnight Member
Gemini Member
Inca Member
Ja the Jester Member
Kasrats Member
Loki DarkFairy Maxwell Member
Lord Qrow Staypuft Tree Member
Mauer Member
Ruxeth Etc. Gaust Member
Salem Member Maester
Sera the Fleetfooted Member
Shin Maxwell Member
Tank Member
Withrol Member
Woetan Topaz Moon Dreadwizard XVIII Ash Tree Member
Zilla McTavish Member