Lost Souls

Name: Lost Souls
Type: Company
Url: Website
Description: Symbolizes: Teamwork, Knowledge and Leadership. Motto: "Fear Nothing, Protect Everything". Lost Souls are fighters that lost their way after the great battles they once had. They come in seeking adventure and glory with their keens men always striving to make the world a better place.
History: The skies where darkened by the stench of death, the air was think with amber. A man laying lifeless on the ground bleeding out of his wounds. While lying there he knew he was going to die on this day, so he thought to himself “what did I do with my life so the world is a better place”. As he lay there wasting away to time a young woman stumbled upon him, with great surprise and shock he plead her to help him. With the woman staring down on him she said “I will help you but you must never hurt another person but only help and protect those who can’t”. The man agreed to her terms, when he was fully healed he turned to her and said “I can’t help the world alone for I am a wondering lost soul right now, will you help me in finding people to help me on this just cause”? The woman replied “Well good kind sir I am a very busy lady with my dancing and teachings but I can take some time to help you form a party to help you.


Member Role Title
Baronet Lady Akursya Rayne Vandyke Kinslayer Member Dragoon
Mystery HR Member Foot Soilder
Shark bait ooo ha ha Member Dragoon
Ulrick Member Dragoon
Valensor Member Dragoon