The Archaic Rebellion

Name: The Archaic Rebellion
Type: Household
Url: Website
Description: (Role-Play, Game Creation/Augmentation, Crafting, Fighting, and Comradely) Look back into the history of Amtgard and what do you see? War. Bloodshed. Brutality. A time where the Gods were pleased with the chaos and havoc that was the humanity below them. Now look at Amtgard, and what do you see? An age of dandies, where raiding has been ousted in place of arse kissing to rise in stature. The Mortal Realm has become soft, futile, and boring. The Gods are not pleased. They have whispered their desire for the primordial bloodlust mortals were born with into the hearts of many fighters of Amtgard. These individuals have joined together by the will of the Gods for one purpose: chaos. Hiding behind cowls in which are used to hide their true identities in Amtgard - The Archaic Rebellion launch an all out guerilla assault on a Kingdom-wide scale. Who are they? Why are they doing this? What strange and ancient secrets have the Gods gifted onto them? These are the questions that will race through the minds of Amtgard's populace now... ALL HAIL THE CONQUERING HEROES...


Member Role Title
Castle Kriegen Member
Fithindel Ormwyrd Member
mithas daedric Member
Nova Kaine Member
Panda Captain 2nd in Command (Wisp)
Pickle Stene Member
Ruxeth Etc. Gaust Captain 3rd in Command
Vizage Member
Woetan Topaz Moon Dreadwizard XVIII Ash Tree Lord Leader (Conqueror)