House Gale

Name: House Gale
Type: Household
Url: Website
Description: House Gale exists to help those who wish to acquire knowledge in the Arts and Sciences, and to organize education to that aim. Those affiliated with House Gale will also produce items for sale and use, and entertain the Barony of Fal Dare with song, dance, and artistic endeavors. Also, we’re going to build a trebuchet. House Gale does not have a fighting company and thus, members of other fighting households are welcome to join in pursuit of the arts and sciences; regardless, we will not withhold Arts & Sciences information from members, and all are welcome to attend our classes.


Member Role Title
Aliah Member Sister
Alyce Gale Member Sister
Baronettess Leandra Syotos Mckrotch Member Sister
David Gale Lord Founder
Lady Kayla Member Sister
Lady River Gale Member Second
Leadryn Siroak Member Sister
Lord Aidenn \'Dusk\' Ketla Member Brother
Seamus StClair Member Brother