Emerald Rose

Name: Emerald Rose
Type: Company
Url: Website
Description: Tenets of the Rose 1. All members are equal. Well, mostly equal. In House Emerald Rose, all members may vote regardless of rank. However some members votes count as double. 2. All members have a say. Any player may bring up an issue with the assembly to be voted upon, for any reason, even it’s it’s stupid. 3. Watch the new. Make sure they are getting a good amtgard education, reading the rulebook, learning about garb and weapons etc. 4. The Arts & Sciences. All members are expected to do some form of A&S. We don’t care what your form is, just do something. 5. Guild of Quests. In Amtgard, quests are key to the game. Members of Emerald Rose are expected to do there part to make sure quests are fun and entertaining for all. The Ranks 1. Apprentice: This is the first rank within the household. All members start at this rank. This rank allows Older members to get to know the newer members, and newmemerbs can learn the ins and outs of the household. 2. Disciple: Reserved for members who show knowledge of the tenents, and enjoy A&S and quests. This rank can, and ussually is, obtained by a vote at the dark assembly. 3. Einherjar: more of a special title for those within the household. This title shows the martial side of Emerald Rose. Anyone who presents a relic or artifactat a dark assembly may be granted this title by a vote. This title is also equivalen rank to senator. 4. Senator: Reserved for full fledged members of the household. These members must show a strong aptitude in the Arts & Sciences. And vast knowledge of the tenents and inner workings within the household. (Note: sometimes senators go by judges). 5. High Senator: This is the Ultimate rank within Emerald Rose. It allows your votes to be counted as double, and the holder may play a monster with a Q/M ratio of 2/1 within the dark assembly. If this member quits Emerald Rose they may rejoin at anytime at this same rank. (Note Sometimes High Senators go by Judge Magisters). 6. The Inner Counsil: Made up of four high senators, sometimes more, but not ussualy. Any vote mad e to change the Inner counsil must be unanimous. They may also play a monster with a Q/M ratio of 3/1 within the dark assembly, and descide you may be a judge. 7. Legendary Senators: Classified The Assembly 1. Full Class: When an assembly is held, it is allways full class, as per the Quest guild rules. 2. Full Persona: The assembly encourages full persona, however any monsters played must be O.K.ed by the inner counsil. Appretices may not play monasters at an Assembly. 3. Voting: Is allways done as Aye for yes, and Nay for no. You have to be there to vote. Voting must be known to all, no secret Assemblies. 4. Persuade by Force: If your vote is rejected you may choose to fight to gain your goal. Those who voted Aye will be on your team,and those who voted Nay will be on the opposing team. Whichevers team wins the fight wins the vote. 5. Bribing: Bribes are greaty appreaciated, and are a common practice withn the household. Bribing must be done after a subject is brought up, but before it is voted upon. 6. Bad Status: At the beginign of a dark Assembly, a player may draw a status card. This may determine how a member votes. Status includes but not limited to, Sleep, Berserk, Drunk, Poisoned, etc. Funds 1. Questing: Emerald rose keeps a fund of sortsfor quests, mostly supplies. This fund is maintained by a member within the Inner Counsil. Funds may be apropriated by a vote at an assembly 2. Garb: The funds of the household can also be used for for garb. Namely for making belt favors, tabards, and the like. 3. Getting Funds: Members are expected to donate one dollar at least once a month. Members may also hold fund raisers to gain money. 4. Non Members: Members who are not in the Emerald Rose who wish to use the housholds money, such as a park officer amy choose one representative and ask for a vote at the assembly. Non members may not persuade by force. Other Rules 1. Other Houses: We do not mind if you are in another house or company. If anything it adds to roleplay. 2. Extra Garb and Equipment: If you have extra garb or old garb, or weapons and such. Emerald Rose takes donatins. This will Either be used for monster garb, or given to n00bs. We also except donations from non members. 3. The Tenents: These tenents may only be changed with a unanimous vote. Or three out of four inner counsil members. 4. Backgrounds: Members are encourged to write a one or two paragraph description about there persona. 5. New Chapters: Members who wish to start a new chapter, must bring so up at an assembly. The new chapter must have four High Senators before bringing this to a vote. 6. Removal of members: Member in question must be present at the assembly that a removal vote is called. A removal vote must have 75% of the votes. 7. Park Courts: Green and white is perfered at such functions, the minimum garb requirement at any function is your belt favor.
History: Formed to help provide quality RP wherever it may be.


Member Role Title
Ardara Member Apprentice
Baronet Ramar Valkin Member Einherjar
Elixir Member Apprentice
Maelstrom, The Member High Senator - Einherjar
Nappkin P. Hobblestone Member High Senator - Einherjar
Olan Wartooth Member Judge Magister
Panzer Negare Member Disciple
Tanaka Naoki Member Senator