House burn

Name: House burn
Type: Household
Url: Website
Description: \"Good Food, Good Times\" \r\n\r\nHouse Burn is a service-oriented household dedicated to promoting good food at Amtgard events, on all levels. House Burn and its members shall always endeavor to:\r\n\r\nHelp with event feasts, be it with knowledge or skills. House Burn will not do every feast, but its members shall, if time and obligation allow, help out at feasts.\r\n\r\nDo its best to do at least one Kingdom level or higher feast a year.\r\nAttempt to raise the quality of Amtgard feasts and the cooking skills of all \r\nAmtgardians.\r\n\r\nDo its best expand the pallets of Amtgardians .\r\n\r\nSponsor cooking events and contests..


Member Role Title
Aliope Doombringer Member
Alphonse de Oso Member
Bloodmoon of Artenia Lord
Count Rorek Silverlight Member
Creeping Vine Member
DeMonica (Monkey) Member
Dindins Kaine Member
Draco Wraithborne Member
Eravine Sangvein Member
Jerrod Kaine Member
Kenta Redhawk Member
Lady Aramis Clu Member
Louie Member
Mommor Sommerska Member
Phinneus / Thal Grimwulf Member
Pzazz Lord
Qintahr Woodhelven Member
Sefton Sly Member
Sir Blackwolf Wyngarde Member
Smoosh Da Bard Member
Stryfe Doombringer Member