The Black Hand

Name: The Black Hand
Type: Household
Url: Website
Description: Beware all whom cross The Black Hand for we\r\nare death incarnate and the wrath of the\r\nabyss\r\n\r\n -Ashappolion Lavelliin\r\n Sword-Bound Lich\r\n Founder
History: This household was founded by the hand on the grounds of equality, unity, and understanding of ideas and compromises brought forth by all House Master- Ashappolion Lavelliin 2nd in command- Phineus Fingers Master of Arms- Baracuda the Monk House Viscount- Rorik the Sulee House Senachal- HIM


Member Role Title
Lupis Captain House Senachal
Rorik Captain House Viscount
Xadens Cudda Berrah Captain Master of Arms