The Order of the Undying Shadow

Name: The Order of the Undying Shadow
Type: Company
Url: Website
Description: The Order is a group of bandits specializing in assassination, thievery, and mercenary work. The name "Order of the Undying Shadow" comes from a very simple philosophy: Strike swiftly from the shadows as if one with them, and never let the enemy capture your body. This results in a specialization around "quick kill" style attacks. The worst dishonor any shadow can face is being captured by the enemy. Instead, their dead and wounded are carried off, giving them the reputation of being undying.
History: Formed in November 2014, The Order of the Undying Shadow fielded their first event March 2015 at Tal Dagore's Spring Midreign.


Member Role Title
Beatrix Chastidy Payne Member Initiate
Gizmo Member Initiate
Randolf the Gray Member Initiate
Rayne Member Initiate
Saerissa Nic\'Elathan Member Bladesister
Shadrigora Member Bladesister
Spencer Greatpaw Member Bladebrother
Zenadel Mac Elathan Captain Founder