Clan of Bones

Name: Clan of Bones
Type: Company
Url: Website
Description: The “Clan Of Bones” Is a Company of The “Emerald Winds” Park Created in the hopes of Sparking a more inviting environment for, specifically the role playing accepted. The Clan of Bones will be mainly relevant during quest, events, battle games, or anything that requires a role playing aspect. The Clan of Bones is a relatively “closed” Mercenary group but is meant to add a new interactive feature to our Park. Rules •Must be a level 2 or higher in at least 1 class. •Must already own some sort of garb (enough to count towards a class). •Must own your own weapon, Short sword or bigger (even if you don’t use it) •Must have a piece of clan garb (or have one in the process of being made) and/or a piece of clan weaponry (includes shields). •Must agree to attempt to go to amtgard once a month. •Must be invited by a member •Invites must be approved by the Chieftain or an officer Attributes •Able to work both as a lone wolf and wolf pack •Willing to respect the chain of command •Loyal •Willing to speak up, and step up, when necessary •Relatively Knowledgeable about Amtgard, Specifically your class •Enjoy role play (even if it’s just us). •Be able to adapt. •Be social •Have a Persona
History: There was this crazy cannibalistic barbarian who uhm uhm what else what was I gonna say no no he was not my father he ate my father ya ya he was one of those barbarians who believed in blood magic more or less and he had a gauntlet given to him given by a witch with blades on the right hand. when the barbarian tribes would take over a village he would line up the resisting males and he would rip out their hearts and eat them in front of the town to gain their life force. and uhm ya know glory to me my father was the mayor and he did that in front of my mom and I and then he ate my mom and basically uhm like a lot of barbarian clans he incorporated the kids and women and he thought of him as his own son cuz he didn't have a wife or kids and on my 18th birthday I killed him and purged the clan of the cannibalistic crackers and uhm kept the name cuz uh the clan of bones a a large reputation uh for burning down towns and killing people and so we turned into a mercenary group.


Member Role Title
Barbarus N.C. Lord Founder
Kespock Captain Blood-Brother