Crystal Corps

Name: Crystal Corps
Type: Household
Url: Website
Description: Crystal Corps is a Household based out of the Kingdom Seat of Crystal Groves. The Corps have been created as a highly professional security organization for the provision of security services to the kingdom at its events. We follow a non-democratic military hierarchy and expect nothing from our members except for perfection.
History: Created by: Pharoah, Hathol, and Jaxom ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Order of the Flame: Shiva, Duchess for the Duchy of Crystal Groves; Crystal Corps Security work at FOD 2011 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Crystal Corps was awarded an Order of the Flame on the first of October, 2016 by the monarch of the Kingdom Crystal Groves, NimRuin for their service to the kingdom in which they have provided unwavering security.


Member Role Title
Bagel Captain 03- Captain
Booger Dragoslav Member E3 - Lance Corporal
Bowlgod Lesonette Member E3 - Lance Corporal
Crystal Saifir Member E4-Corporal
Damian Wyvern Member E3 - Lance Corporal
Emaleth Member E1-Private
Imchi Member 01 - 2nd Lieutenant
La Zorra de Villanueva Member Medical Personnel
Lethe Elys_Evarayne Member E1 - Private
Lord Ken Of Shine Member E2-PFC
Lord Squire Hunteil Member E1 - Private
Lord Squire Strife Shadowmoon Member 06 - Colonel
Lord Squire Torum Member Advisory
Myrna Mccrae Member E3-Lance Corporal
Naimad Captain 03- Captain
Raven Stormclaw Member E1 - Private
Rhage Member E2 - PFC
Roak Vaerdos Member E1-Private
Ruby Grimm DarkChylde Evarayne Member E1 - Private
Runiel Member Medical Personell
Serova Member E1-Private
Shyft Sylentfall Member E1 - Private
Sir Marcus Bjornson the Inevitable Member Medical Personnel
Sir Pharoah DarkChylde Evarayne Lord Commandant
Sir Shiva Member Advisory
Smooph Member E1-Private
Squire Baron Marius Mericles Member E1-Private
Vignette Delcour Member E1 - Private