Name: Darkwater
Type: Company
Url: Website
Description: Darkwater (also facetiously called "the Fishermen's Union") is a fighting company based out of Gargoyle's Gate, The Bitter Coast, and Rising Sun Station that uses bait and switch tactics in their fighting. Led by their Captain Archimedes Velasquez, they travel across the land depleting parks of their natural fish resources. Despite the hook logo, Darkwater actually relies entirely on spearfishing... with downspears: downspearfishing.
History: Darkwater was founded in late 2014 by Hobi Royce, Archimedes Velasquez, and Acererak of Gargoyles Gate. In 2015, they expanded to include members from The Bitter Coast. Darkwater continues to gather new members from all over the Kingdom of Crystal Groves.


Member Role Title
Archduke Sir Yoshi Member Fisherman
Archimedes V. Tangoth Member Fisherman
Baronet Squire Stephiroth Member Quartermaster
Baronet Thrash, Master Assassin Captain Captain
Bruin Member Fisherman
Lord Spaz Member First Mate and Master of Barrels
Lothario S. Nightingale Member Fisherman
Luna Wolfsfang Member Fisherman
Render Member Fisherman
Rook Member Fisherman
Serova Member Fisherman