House D'Artiste

Name: House D'Artiste
Type: Household
Url: Website
Description: An Amtgard House designed for those who want to discuss and share Arts and Science knowledge and skills, as well as to simply be a community of people who are proud to be an Amtgard artiste!
History: Founded in the Summer of 2014, this is a new household that holds monthly internal competitions and works to aid fellow members and those outside in the pursuit of Amtgard Art.


Member Role Title
Arathamus D\'Bois Founder
Caim Bloodwyrm Member Artist
Denah Member Artist
Firanae Westcraven Member Artist
Girrand Member Artist
Glen, Mallet of Providence Member Artist
Harold Member Artist
Mistery Member Artist
Naomh O\'Banion Member Artist
Sir Dughan Member Artist
Sir Zachry Ironwolf Member Artist
Thule Ironbeard Member Artist