Name: Ghostwalkers
Type: Household
Url: Website
Description: The Ghostwalkers are a household in Amtgard. We believe that service is what makes the game grow and be fun for everyone. We don't do it for the glory, for our name in lights, we actually prefer to let others have the first crack at a job and we fill in the holes when needed. We are the behind the scenes support, we work in the shadows and are not afraid to make the tough decisions to do what is correct, even if it is not politically correct. ~~~~THE GHOSTWALKER SLOGAN~~~~ Nox noctis est nostri The night is ours ~~~~THE GHOSTWALKERS CREED~~~~ We are the GhostWalkers, we live in the shadows The sea, the earth and the air are our domain No fallen comrade will be left behind We are loyalty and honor bound We are invisible to our enemies and we destroy them where we find them We believe in justice and we protect our country and those unable to protect themselves What goes unseen, unheard and unknown are GhostWalkers There is honor in the shadows and it is us We move in complete silence whether in jungle or desert We walk among our enemy unseen and unheard Striking without sound and scatter to the winds before they have knowledge of our existence We gather information and wait with endless patience for that perfect moment to deliver swift justice We are both merciful and merciless We are relentless and implacable in our resolve We are the GhostWalkers and the night is ours


Member Role Title
Acha the Spicy Member
Carl Handeater Member
Dawn Starlight Member
Elyk Emanon Member
Granite Jeweleater Lord Founder
Kendra Silverstar Member
Laike Firestarre, Esquire Member
Lightfoot Member
Lynn Member
Natayla Member
Niri Veridae Member
Pj Member
Protector Deydron Du Harth,The Savior of the Emerald Hills Member
Thwack Gryphontalon Member
Vandrith Ahnwyer Member