The Army of The Veil

Name: The Army of The Veil
Type: Household
Url: Website
Description: We are The Army of The Veil. Rebels outshined and forgotten about in society. We Fight to protect the thin veil that hides the seen and the unseen. Our only threat and enemy is F.E.A.R those who demand our rebel army to conform and not be ourselves. We answer to our lords and leaders The Prophet, The Deviant, The Mystic, The mourner, and The Destroyer.
History: The world shook and rumbled with great ferocity as it erupted into flame. The sky turned blood red and suddenly burst into flame. The seas turned the color of blood and boiled from the tears of the forgotten and fallen. F.E.A.R had thought they won and brought the rebels to their knees and a flash of lightning lit the sky up and the fallen angels awoke. The prophet encouraged us to fight back and not lay down our arms. He led four other fallen angels The five fought for us and after the smoke cleared where a pile of smoldering ash laid something awaken The Army of The Veil. Soldiers to carry on the fight Against F.E.A.R as there brave leaders left the world imparting these final words Rise up and never give in.


Member Role Title
Lynnavaius Aldea'ron Captain Co-founder
Rune Archaedus Lord Founder