Anyanka Armory

Name: Anyanka Armory
Type: Household
Url: Website
Description: TLDR: Arts & Sciences household dedicated to crafting and service to the game geared toward aesthetic and immersion.\r\n\r\nAnyanka Armory is a sciences/services household dedicated to a higher quality of gear on the battlefield, and a higher quality of involvement in the game. We aim to see better looking weapons and shields in use, while still retaining their functionality. Beyond that, we stretch this desire for quality to Amtgard itself. We aim for deeper immersion in the game through a higher aesthetic and creativity, and more non-fighting-centric involvement. Amtgard can be more than just swinging foam around, it can be an entire world away from that thing we call daily life.
History: Founded in the spring of 2014 by Atheris Coinin Labrys, this house is still in its early times. We hope that with our growth, so too will the game and enjoyment of it grow.


Member Role Title
Alphonse de Oso Member Founder
Anubia Member
Aquanette Beauxregard Member
Artemis Zaknafein Emory Member
Atheris Coinin Labrys Lord RabbitLord, Founder
Auntie Em Naked Member
Calandra Member
Count Rorek Silverlight Member
Draco Wraithborne Captain
Eniad Norreh Member
Klarissa Thearctic Member
Med Member
Mokushi Aria Cross Member
Mouse Threadbearer Member
Odereus Urungus Member
Skye Eventide Member
Squire Nazira Al Badiyah Reeh Member Crystal Groves Representative
Sutra Bahuas (aka Sutra the Red) Member
Vibosa Member