House Saphira

Name: House Saphira
Type: Household
Url: Website
Description: A amtgard house based in NeverWinter that strives to uphold the positive values of life in memory of saphira.\r\n\r\nValues include a positive approach thru good deeds and helping others, as well as teaching these values. Once a reign the house lord/lady will choose a player who has upheld these values. The chosen player will receive a weapon on navy blue color and gain entry into the household.\r\n\r\nHouse colors:\r\nNavy blue and white\r\n\r\nHouse lord\r\nRegan
History: Members:\r\nDuskan\r\nKatnip\r\nKaven\r\nTerra Rose Lee\r\nYngiwulf\r\nRisu\r\nFirro\r\nLorelei\r\nReita\r\nEzuron


Member Role Title
Duskan Gaust Member
Ezuron Al-Shadi Member
Firro Member
Lord Yngiwulf Ormwyrd Member
Mistress WaA Lorelei Member
Radiant Yamato Saphiran Emerald Temperance Songmendera Azkedelia Saphira Nika Abbadon Engrexel Kayda Lord Founder
Reita Yunowhogod Member
Risu Tora Member
Terra Rose Lee Member