The Silver Scale

Name: The Silver Scale
Type: Household
Url: Website
Description: The silver scale is a group of misfits adopted by Ashen Windsong. they specialize in collection and distribution of information, protection, and guidance to others. they do not often deal with money but deal in favors and donations. The main building is called the Dragon nest, The fort she helped build with Thea is called Dragons Reach.
History: the building was built by mainly Ashen, and after a time the other guild mates. it has survived brownies and pixies making the main floor a forested like place, ice covered basement due to a frost angel, and fire. some of the rooms in the basement are dwarven ruins that are tapped into the catacombs of wildgard. As for Dragons reach, it is very new, and Druid like powers where used to grow and shape the tree into a shape to house many who are willing to follow the scale. total members Ashen Windsong Allynn shadowsoul Matsu Luxley-rabbit Lucas Shadowsoul Freyan Jay Windsong Drethial-Rook Red-Vija Chimeara-Indigo Starfire Melora Shadowfang Rose Kiara Lycia Pye


Member Role Title
Allynn Member Dragon Sister
Ashen Windsong Lord Dragon Mother
Fallen Member
Freyan Member
Indigo Dowker Member
Matsu Member Blacksmith
Melora Shadowfang Member
Pye Allseer Member
Rose Member