Burdenkeepers FC

Name: Burdenkeepers FC
Type: Company
Url: Website
Description: The Burdenkeepers Fighting Company Stems from House Dauntless, A Roleplay-Heavy group in Wildgard. (Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.) Led by A Queen Bear, an Eight feet tall Scout and Champion of righteousness. (Persona: Ursarius Burdenkeeper, Formerly Ursarius Dauntless)
History: House Burdenkeeper Formerly House Dauntless Originated on a Mountain far north of Wildgard. 'Ursus Dauntamontis' Can be interpreted two ways. "Fear Bear Mountain" in the Literal Sense or Fearless Bear Mountain". The native inhabitants of the Mountain are Bear Kintu. (Half-Bear, Were-bear, or Humanoid Bears. Some shapeshifters.) Ursarius Dauntless inherited the Kingdom and marched her Ursanid Army to Wildgard in hopes of going to war against Wildgards Demon Population. The Army and the Bears themselves are Neutral Good. They now fight in the Name of Ursa, who demands the best that they can give, For the Good of All things Pure.


Member Role Title
Genet of Wildgard Member Guard
Mama Dauntless Member Elder
Urstrid Dauntless Member Princess
Zastien Member Guard