The Legion

Name: The Legion
Type: Company
Url: Website
Description: Based around a fictitious God of Trickery and Thieves. The company (due to a large amount of RL military members, and a distaste for dickery) styles itself after an army. Main rules - Don't be a dick. Especially don't be a dick in the Colors. Do everything for the good of the game. ---------------- The company maintains a group of Reeves, who remain Kingdom Certified, and are willing and ready to help should anyone call on them, and attempt to be the first to offer. They also make an effort to not become blindly drunk while in the colors, as that can present a bad image. This company strives to be 'child friendly' at all times, and any child will be safe with the Legion.
History: Created by Squire Dahlia Aed, of Bloodwyrm Haven, in the Kingdom of the Wetlands, as well as her Consort, Stravos Avanti, and her cohorts, Bauldr Gurrk, Lucian Dracul, Dragon, and Azthak.


Member Role Title
Aibhlin McSherry Member Legionnaire
Alyria Charon Aed Member Praetor
Aurturis Skywalker Member Deceased
Azthak Murderface Member Legionnaire
Baulder Gurrk Member Praetor
Blackie Chan Member Fledgling
Bong the Enlightened Member General:EH
Cerberus Member Legionnaire
Cyril Murkov Member Legionnaire
Dahlia Aed Captain Praetor
Dragon Wyngarde Member Legionnaire
Drozzt von Drach Member Fledgling
Izobella Dracul Member Legionnaire
Khazrak Member Legionnaire
Lucian Dracul Member Legionnaire
Lugh Member Fledgling
Lycus Member Fledgling
Magara Moonshine Member Legionnaire
Nero Wylander Member Fledgling
Peppin Fife Member Legionnaire
Raegohn Skruffles Cartwright Member Lieutenant
Sojak The Beloved Member Fledgling
Stravos Avanti Member Praetor
Tsunade Member Fledgling
T\'Kal Thornside the Red Member Legionnaire
Zae Zae Member Munchkin