Warriors of the Ancient Ways

Name: Warriors of the Ancient Ways
Type: Company
Url: Website
Description: A Fighting Company within The House of the Ancient Ways. The Company has access to a large arsenal of legal AMTGARD weapons and a shop,"The Owls Roost", that is geared up for the production of weapons armor and shields. New members may be asked to complete a 6 month training period as either an enlisted recruit or a cadet. This decision will be made by the General (010). Upon completing of enlisted training the recruit will be promoted to E1 private and the cadet will be promoted to 2nd lieutenant.
History: Started on 02-25-2014 by Priest.


Member Role Title
Artellus Member PVT. E-1
Berzerker Member PVT E-1, no Stripes
Crouton Member PFC E-3, 1 Stripe 1 Rocker 4-30-17
Cyprus Member SFC. E-7, 3 Stripes and 2 rocker
Draconeavia Ulfhednar Member 1st LT. O-2, 2 Yellow Stars
Falcon the Iron Member PVT E-1, no Stripes
Frogger Member PVT E-2, 1 Stripe
Jace Ubyrnub Member W-1,1 Red Star
Justinius Member CSM E-9, 3 Stripes,3 Rockers And a gold star in the center
Kenpachi Arieous Member 2nd LT.O-1,1 Yellow star
Kindly Member Recruit 6-24-18, E-2, PVT. 1 Stripe
Meacheam Member PVT.E-1,No stripes
Nynaeve Dragonseeker Member MAJ.,O-4, 1 Silver Star 1st Platoon 1st Squad
PRIEST Bam Bam Lord General 0-11, 5 Gold Stars Elder and Founder
Scorpius Darkanvil Member MAJ. GEN O-8, 2 Gold Stars, Elder
Seth Member Recruit 6-24-18
Storm Member PVT E-1 12-07-17
Talon Blackfoot_Black Talon Member LT. Col. O-5, 2 Silver Stars ,4th Platoon Leader,1-15-15
Telebraxis Member 2nd LT. O-1,1 Yellow Stars
Turik Member PFC. E-3, 1 Stripe and 1 rocker
Wee Woo Member 1st. SGT., E-8 3 Stripes 3 Rockers with a Yallow Star in the center
Xero Cool Member Recruit 6-24-18, E-2, PVT. 1 Stripe