The House of the Ancient Ways

Name: The House of the Ancient Ways
Type: Household
Url: Website
Description: A household that encourages excellence in its members both through arts & sciences as well as conduct on and off of the field.Governed by "The Councel of Elders".
History: Founded on February 19, 2014 by Priest and his Wife the Seamstress.


Member Role Title
Artellus Member Recruit 12/03/17
Berzerker Member PVT E-1,no stripes
Crouton Member PFC E-3, 1 Stripe 1 Rocker 4-30-17
Cyprus Member SFC. E-7, 3 Stripes and 2 rocker
Darth Rekam Eht Amnell Member Lord Squishy
Draconeavia Ulfhednar Member 2nd LT.(12-21-15)
Falcon the Iron Member PVT E-1, no Stripes
Frogger Member PVT E-2, 1 Stripe
Jace Ubyrnub Member W-1,1 Red Star
Justinius Member CSM. E-9, 3 Stripes,3 Rockers And a Gold star in the center
Kenpachi Arieous Member 2nd LT.,O-1,1 Yellow Star
Kindly Member Recruit 6-24-18
Lady Alletta Stronghorse Member Lady,Service Master, Elder
Lord Squire Atreyu Wolfsbane Member
Meacheam Member PVT.E-1,No stripes
Miller Time Member D.O.T.R.Field Commander SM
Nynaeve Dragonseeker Member MAJ. O-4, 1 Silver Star
Pebbles Lord First Lady, Founder Elder
PRIEST Bam Bam Lord Founder, Elder, General 5-star, O-11
Scorpius Darkanvil Member Patron Master, Elder,Major General,O-2,2-Gold stars
Seth Member Recruit 6-24-18
Storm Member PVT E-1 12-07-17
Talon Blackfoot_Black Talon Member LT. Col. O-5,2 Silver Stars
Telebraxis Member 2nd LT.,O-1, 1 Yellow Stars
Theron Member D.O.T.R. General
Turik Member PFC,E-3, 1 stripe 1 rocker
Wee Woo Member 1st SGT.,E-8, 3 Stripes 3 Rockers with a Yellow star in the center
Xero Cool Member Recruit 6-24-18