Name: Legacy
Type: Household
Url: Website
Description: The Legacy is a household made by lycanthropes for lycanthropes. We are a house that is the best Amtgard has to offer among Lycanthrope personas. We are here to help our members with whatever they need, may it be weapon making to garbing, fighting, and politicking. The Legacy are not often seen doing things as a household but their members are seen individually in every area of the game from RolePlaying, Service, Fighting, and Holding local and Kingdom Offices.
History: The Legacy formally know as the Legacy of Lycanthropes, was founded in 1999 in Golden Plains proper during their winter Coronation, By four guys who lived in Dark Oasis under GP. These guys were, Smiley SpiritPaw, Erix Stogart, Vilialobos, and Prog. Now of these four founders only two are still active in amtgard, Smiley SpiritPaw and Prog. Smiley is the current Lord of the house. It has members from the likes of Sir Bearrug & Sir Monkey, to Orgasmatron Darkpaw & Nathasa.


Member Role Title
Cervantes (Smiley) SpiritPaw Ironfist Member Founder
Erix Stogart Member Founder
Naga / Nagateth Darkjester Member
Natasha V. FireClaw Member
Phoebe Member
Polar Bear Member
Sin Ironfist Member
Sir Bearrug Member
Sir Monkey Member
Sir Orgasmatron the Climaxius Member
Tiberius DarkTigger Lord
Trigger Member
Zoriban the A-Star Member