House Longtail

Name: House Longtail
Type: Household
Url: Website
Description: This household has many missions. First and foremost, it is to inspire and encourage participation in the Arts and Sciences of Amtgard. It is to reward and advertise skills and talents of its members. It is also to teach and encourage fair judging in competitions. Each entry into an A&S competition meeting certain requirements earns the member a link in a tail worn on their belt. Each link is specialized to the member's new skill. Members can also gain special links which denote them as a teacher of that skill. The goal of this household is to grow a long tail, showing their variety of skills.
History: Founded January 2014 by Mistress Wenikee Longtail, a very artsy and sciency little longtail troll from Windtree Keep in the Kingdom of Neverwinter.


Member Role Title
Bumblebeard Member
Collin MacAbee Member
Dame Alona Twotrees Tul Member
General (Baronet) Tiberius Mercadius Veras Member
Ieda Member
Lady Kirsten Haardrad Member
Lady Squire Tamara MacAbee Member
Overlord Ravenos Kinslayer Member
Panther Haardrad Member
Squirel Member
Wenikee Longtail Founder