House Burdenkeeper

Name: House Burdenkeeper
Type: Household
Url: Website
Description: Leader: Lady Ursa Burdenkeeper. Ranks: Coming Soon. Mission Statement: Coming Soon.
History: House Burdenkeeper (Formerly Dauntless) Consists of Mainly Bears and Ursanids from the Mountain 'Ursus Dauntamontis', However, Many Humanoids and Kintu from the Wildgard Area and Healing isles are Allied with Ursarius and are Given Honorary mentions. Members of House Dauntless and House Burdenkeeper are Identified by their Beltfavors with the House Crest.


Member Role Title
Bearbar Member Member
Coondor Member Assassin
Danunn Member Page
Larz Member Member
Mama Dauntless Member Elder
Skullest Member Member
Souauthon Member Member
Urdain Member Page
Ursa Burdenkeeper Lord Founder
Urstrid Dauntless Member Princess
Zastien Member Guard